Cant choose a drive when burning with copy2dvd

i get everything ready to backup a movie. i use dvd shrink to load the movie onto my computer, i open it all up and after i choose the file to burn, i brings up the choose drive menu but i cant select anything. theres no ok button

my computer: dell inspirion 8500, 2 ghz, 512 megs of ram, 17 gigs free, tdk 440n external on firewire

also when i set it to automaticily burn to the tdk drive, it just copys it to the hard drive.

What you need to do is open CopytoDVD and use the wizard, choose the dvd video option and then browse to the root of the video ts folder and then choose the video ts file then it should open your selection and let you select your dvd writer

did you mean under the options menu, wizard style? because if thats so, that is how it is setup.

No, when you first startup copytdvd another smaller window also opens with 4 different choices Data cd/ Audio cd/Data DVD/Video DVD.

thats what i did. but there is no ok button to hit to select the drive the i want to use to burn the dvd.


Go into option menu then copytodvd settings then writing devices

and tick both checkboxes for the prompt option that should bring up the choose your writing device dialog box after you load the video_ts file…

Good luck.

thats what im doing. but there is no way to select the drive that i want to use to burn the dvd. i think that there should be an ok button or something. and when i select for it to automaticly burn with out the boxes check, it just copies it to the hard drive.

After you choose the root, another smaller box should pop up with the drive selection, is this box not popping up?

yes that box pops up, and it show the 2 cd drives, and a ide post or something like that. but there is no way to select the drive i want. and when i put it to automaticly select the dvd burner, it writes to the ide, or the hard disk, instead of the dvd.

the box does come up with the drive selection and i can click on them but i cant select the one i want. the is no “ok” button to finalize my choice.:confused:

Ok, see if the drive is even picked up, go start, programs, vso and then copytodvd, drivers and then check is the drive listed there?, then try install and then restart and try this again.

yes my drive is there and in the copy2dvd program when the screen pops up. i just cant select it. i can click on. but it wont continue after that

Right click your desktop and select Properties, in the Display Properties window click the Settings tab then click Advanced near the bottom right. Click on the General tab and change the DPI Setting to “Normal size (96 DPI)” and click OK.
You should now see the OK and Cancel buttons.

i set it to 96 dpi, but there still isnt a button to select the drive.


Right click your desktop again and select properties, in the Display Properties window clcik the Appearance tab.
Under “Font Size” try changing it to Normal.

i dont have that adjustment available. theres no appearence tab