Can't change write speed on 1633S to 1x?

Hey, hope someon can help me out with this !!. I’ve got a Lite-On SOHW-1633S with firmware version BSOS. I don’t know what’s going on, but for some reason, whenever I try to burn anything with Nero, Alcohol 120% or with DVD Shrink, I can never change the write speed on the damn thing. It’s always defaulted to Max or @ 4x. I wanna lower that down to 1x but can’t do so. I’m using Princo 4x media and when I burn ps2 games to them, they either won’t run or will skip A LOT. I was going to try lowering the write speed to 1x figuring maybe since they’re cheapo dvd’s I should try 1x but I can’t change the speed. Problem is, the option to change the write speed is always greyed out. Is it cuz of the media I’m using. Is there some limitation…or is it a problem with my writer ??

As for burning with DVD Decrypter, I can chose to burn at 1x, but once burning starts, it shoots back up to 4x on its’ own. I just keep making new coasters.
I know that with 4x media you can’t burn faster, but shouldn’t I normally be able to burn at a LOWER write speed ???

Anyone know why I can’t lower my burn speed ??? Please help !!! I recently bought this dvd writer and already considering getting a new one.

By the way, in case the problem’s with the Princo 4x DVD-R’s i’m using, does anyone know where I can get Ritek G04’s up here in Montreal, Canada ???

Looked around and can’t find them anywhere !!

Please do not crosspost. It is against the rules. Your question was already answered in the first thread that you posted in…