"Can't change Visible in onshow or onhide"?

I go through all the necessary steps, get a working copy of a movie (just the movie, no menus), ready to run DVD2One to get it to fit onto a single DVD-R.

Want to burn it onto the DVD-R right after running DVD2One to save some times monitoring the process. So I checked the box “Burn to DVD …” using CopyToDVD. But then right after DVD2One is done, there is a message came up that requires me to click ‘OK’ before it proceed with the recording: “Can’t change visible in onshow or onhide”?

What does this mean? How can I get rid of this message? This prompt sort of defeating the whole integration idea of DVD2One to CopyToDVD and saving my time from checking on the progress.

Please help.



It means that there’s a bug in your program. The message is a Windows error meaning that the [Delphi ;)] programmer has attempted to set a control visible/invisible during the event that actually does it!

It’s like the dictionary definition: ‘For recursion - see recursion’

Sounds like it’s in CopyToDVD; report it to them.



I had the same problem with that prog. A technician said to restore all defaults to the program and those messages will
go away. So I went back and restore default values and all is well now. NO problems with DVD authoring and burning :wink: