Cant change speed of my benq dvd to allow to burn to dvd


I am an newbie. I am trying to burn to dvd using benq dvd ew1621 external drive with windvd creator software. I made a movie in windows movie maker and imported it to windvd and then tried burning it. It seems to go through the whole procedure but isn’t burning to my dvd. I think its because of the speed that is set at optimal. I select benq dvd where asked then speed only gives me the choice of optimal. I would like to change the speed to much lower but don’t know how. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate. the movie is supposed to be a christmas gift for family. I think that is the issue but as I am unfamiliar with burning dvd, hope I haven’t messed up else where.


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To be sure that the drive is working correctly, I suggest to do in this way. Save the movie on your hard disc, as ISO file if it’s possible.

Then use ImgBurn to write the ISO on a DVD disc.

Regarding the burning speed, what discs are you using? I suggest to not burn a high speed certified disc at a too slow speed. For example, if you are burning a 16x vertified media, I suggest to burn the disc @12x or 8x, but not slower.

forgive my ignorance but what is an iso file. Windvd goes throught the process of burning the dvd but fails to do so. The speed is set at optimal and I am unsure what speed that is. do I just download imburn to burn my movie to a dvd and not use windvd. Again forgive these questions but I have never done this and thought it would be alot easier.

No problem at all :slight_smile:

You can read more information on ISO file format here.

Actually I don’t know if windvd allows to save ISO files.

Search in windvd options if it’s possible to save converted files on hard disc first (instead to burn directly), and then you can use any burning software you like to burn files.

I suggested this method, a bit more time consuming, because in this way you can determine if it’s a hardware or a software issue :slight_smile:

Thanks again. The imageburn is exactly what I wanted. I tried it and it works. I don’t think my movie is in the right formatt because though I could get it to burn I could not play it on my dvd. I am using movie makers and am unsure who to convert it to an iso file. They give options like dv-avi or for large or small video. Do you have any idea what might be the one I use for isofile or what I could convert it to so it would burn with imageburn. It was in meg for for my first try.

I am trying to burn a project made from home movies with window movie makers. I am using imageburner. It burned one version that was in meg2 formatt but will not play on my dvd. I want to convert to an iso file so I can burn it. I, just learned this term afew hours ago. (Thank you so much from my first post.) Movie makers only gives options like larger videol, nstc dv-av. So I don’t know if I am missing the boat or it doesn’t convert to an iso file. If it doesn’t have the cababilities to convert to iso format, is there another format I could use with imageburn or another way I could convert my file to iso.

Any help would be appreciated. and Thanks for creating a place where newbies can ask really basic questions.

No problem, but you don’t have to open a new thread for continuing the advice ;). I’ll merge this with the original post so we can keep it all in the same place. :slight_smile: