Can't change read speed of a dvd


I have a 812s@832 C5G5 dvd burner.

I am trying to copy a dvd with DVD encrypter or Alcohol but I can’t seem to
be able to change the read spped (I would like to read the dvd in 1x speed).

In Alcohol 120, the read speed settings is locked with maximum and in DVD
decrypter I can’t seem to find a way to change the read speed.

The only way I can do it now is with Nero in the copy dvd option.

Can anyone please help me with this.

Thanks :slight_smile:


why 1x speed?

My son plays so much with his Fifa ps2 game that it has many scratches, I want to
backup the original so he can play with the backup, I keep forgetting to back it up,
but yesterday I remembered and tried to do so, and as far as I know to create a good
backup you should read the dvd slowly, that is why 1x speed.

this is incorrect, use good quality media and burn at 4X. as liteons prefer +R media try them but change the booktype to dvd-rom.

@Ako: I think Itayda stated he wants to read at 1x not to write at 1x ! I think he can use clone DVD for this and burn on dvd then try if succesfull.