Can't change paper stocks in nero cover designer

I wish to change my label type in paper stocks selection. I click on my label type, click OK. But the thing is, its not actually chaged. Am I doing something wrong ?

In Nero Cover Designer (part of Nero, I have a drop down menu as part of the View toolbar that allows me to choose different paper stocks.

The default stock(s) are chosen on File -> Preferences, Paper Stocks tab.

Your instructions sound like you’re using the File -> Paper Stocks option, which is only used for defining and editing paper stocks.


I seem to be experiencing the same situation (Maybe). I’m using Nero 6 which included Nero Cover Designer build.

I am attempting to print on Memorex CD Labels, Inlay and Booklet. (I find Nero to be a better software utility than Memorex’s own cd that comes with the paper).

I have tried both versions of selecting paper type – from the File Menu (File>Paper Stocks>Memorex…) as well as File>Preferences>Paperstock) and when printing it shows up printed to the left of the paper instead of the middle where it should be. As well as when I reselect paper stock it shows default. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a specific way to get this to work? I have more information if someone has any ideas…


I’d try upgrading to Nero (which gives you Cover Designer As I said, in that version, I found I had a drop down menu in the toolbars that gave me the ability to choose paper stocks.


I’m having (I think) the same problem, though I’m running an older rev of Cover Designer (, which came with Nero I’ve tried using all the paper stock setting options you’ve mentioned: File>Paper Stocks…, File>Preferences>Paper Stocks, and the drop-down menu you mention in the toolbar (which is indeed present even in my older rev).

The exact behavior is that the pop-up works, but the list of stocks in the pop-up is only a subset of the list shown in File>Paper Stocks… (problem 1), and of course, the stock I want to use (Avery 8931 CD Labels (Letter)) is not in that subset; when I select that paper stock in File>Paper Stocks…, according to the manual, that should select that stock for use with the current cover design, but the selection in the pop-up list does not change to match, and when I go to “Print…”, it selects what’s in the pop-up (problem 2).

In the “Print…” dialog, the stock selected in the pop-up does appear in the “Elements” tag, but if the first element (“Booklet (Front)”) is un-checked, it reverts to “Normal Paper” (problem 3).

I tried defining a “User-defined Stock” in File>Paper Stocks…, and I find that it is also not available in the pop-up list in the toolbar (problem 4).

Is there some way to force a re-load of the list of stocks in the toolbar pop-up list to include everything in the File>Paper Stocks… list? Or is there some other workaround to get either a User-defined or the Avery 8931 CD Labels selected for printing a CD label?


It is TERRIBLE design - it is the dropdown in the bar - what the other option does, I don’t know, but it’s useless!

I can’t print CD labels in Nero (having downloaded all the latest updates, so cover designer is version, except on “normal paper”, which offsets them: If I select Avery 7676 labels (or any other format), nothing is printed on the label. I’ve tried every variable I can think of in file|preferences, and file|paper stocks, and print options, yet I can’t print these bloody labels! Can anyone please help? Thanks, JPK.

I found a tip on the Nero web site about this that helped me. I’m using Nero Cover Designer v.

The paper stock changes ONLY effect NEW labels you try to make. ANY PREVIOUSLY designed labels will not be updated.

“Important: This change does not affect projects which you have stored on prior this change. To change the paperstock for a saved project you will have to change it in the opened project.”

I closed the label document I was working on and made sure all paperstock options were set. both in [B]File -> Preferences [/B]and in [B]File -> Paperstocks[/B]

Then started a new label document and checked the print preview and it was aligned correctly!

Good luck - Roburt

Hi My Name is Noel and I too am having trouble with Nero Cover Designer 2 . I have Nero 7 which encorporates the designer 2 . When I try to set the paper stocks for the booklet , booklet rear inlay and disc , I am printing directly onto the disc , the programme will not allow different information to appear , in the paper feed box , for covers and the disc . What appears on one appears on all of the others , which means that I cannot print onto the disc while plain paper appears in the menu for the rest of the lables . There must be a way to do this but Iv’e being trying for weeks and cannot figure it out . Not being too proficient with the compurer doesn’t help . Maybe there is someone out there who can put the instructions in a manner that I can understand to help me . Many Thanks Rockingchair.

Trying to use Nero Cover Designer 3.3.3 and need to know which Paper Stock setting will allow me to print on Avery 5698 labels.