Can't change Cinema Craft settings

Hi All,

                     Iam Using FlaskMpeg 6.0.Have the Cinema Craft EncoderBasic version with me(not trial version).I did the Adobe 					Premier Fix for giving                         CCE-setup the impression that Adobe Premiere is indeed 			installed.Then I installed the CCE version & changed the "cm-mpeg-ccet.prm"
                     to "" so FlasKMPEG can find it.

Now CCE plugin reports not enough space.I changed the number of frames & then it was fine.The problem am Facing right now is I couldnt Configure the cce for eg:- reducing the bitrate.Iam able to go the CCE Cofigure windows,but once I change some options & press OK ,FlaskMpeg crashes.Iam able to run FlaskMpeg with CCE with the default cce settings(ie: not going to the CCE configure window).But I cant do that as the resulting Filesize would be 5 or 6 Gb co’s of the high bitrate in the CCE default configaration.

How could I solve it…

Any help is appreciated…


FlaskMPEG is quite an old program compared to the recently new CCE Lite. Maybe they just arent compable with one another.

Have a read in and would suggest using DVD2SVCD with your CCE Lite. Use eclCCE to setup your CCE though.