Can't change BookType in SHM-165H6S

I don’t know why. I’ve have succesfully copied some Xbox360 backups. But for some reason, now i can’t make DVD+R DL discs to be booktyped as DVD-ROM. I’ve tried dvdinfopro, nero cddvdspeed, imgburn and liteon’s booktype135, but it didn’t help.

I’m running windows vista home premium.

Look at this, it shows gray where i should be able to set the dvd+r dl booktype

guillermogc, welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

Use the LiteOn Bitsetting tool and check save setting:

Note: You must have a blank +R DL disc in the drive at the time of setting the option and you must burn the disc with this option enabled. It cannot be changed afterwards. Only +RW can be set afterwards.

Also, Liteon drives have a long history of incorrectly reporting the bit settings when checked with software such as CDSpeed. The only reliable check is to look at the burned disc. Possibly this is what you are seeing with the DL discs as well.