Can't change book type liteon 16h5s

Hi, This is my first post. Love the site.

I can’t get my drive to change book type to dvd-rom. I’ve tried nero, decrypter, imgburn, nothing will get it to stick. I also can’t get the firmware to upgrade, the installer gets to 100% and then hangs up, using all the cpu.

How long should it take the firmware to load? I let it run for 10 minutes, so I figure that was enough time.

Please help!


John D

Hi redfourjd and welcome.

As you suspect, something sure is screwy. The file size on the latest official fw - DR16LSOW is 634 KB, so almost no time to download and just slightly more for the actual flash, certainly under a minute.
Is this the fw you are trying?
Does the drive burn ok…I mean apart from booksetting?

You can try the Liteon bitsetting utility Just click on the link.

Thanks for the reply!

I was able to change the book type finally. I’m not sure what got it to stick, but I did use the BookType135, so that may have been it. I was able to burn a couple of discs that played great in my standalone players.

Then my drives tray started refusing to operate! This drive has been fighting me for two weeks now, I think I tired it out or something. :confused: It was really driving me crazy. If I can’t get the tray problem fixed easily, I’m going for a new drive.

Thanks again for your advice!

John D

Found a loose wire on the back of the drive that solved the tray problem. Hopefully it’ll be nice to me now. :slight_smile:

John D

Nice find… :iagree:
Always a good idea to double check connections. At one time or another, this has snagged most of us… :doh: