Can't Change Audio Encoder

Using version, DVD to Mobile with PS3 settings. I need to change the conversion audio settings from Channel 5.1 to Dolby ProLogic II. I make the change, click on OK, but the 5.1 settings remain. When I go back to the screen it says 5.1 again and I have confirmed that the rip does indeed use 5.1. The only time I can successfully use Dolby Pro II is when the DVD does not have 5.1 audio. Is this by design or am I doing something wrong?


Thanks report this problem, I will check this problem.

Did you get a chance to review this issue and do you have an ETA for a fix if necessary?

I’m experiencing the same problem using version, DVD to Mobile with Generic settings. I’m converting dvd files for use in my walkman video MP3. The video plays fine in the walkman but for some reason I can only hear the background sound of the movie (i.e., no audio when the actors are talking). I tried changing the conversion audio settings from Channel 5.1to Stereo but the 5.1 settings remain. As with ekrauska, the conversion works if the DVD have stereo audio format. I’m not sure if this is the issue at hand in my case but I guess it’s worth a try. Thanks!

You can try the latest release to see if that fixed the issue - it’s not in the release notes but the codecs changed so if that was the root cause it may be fixed.

Thanks jdbower! fixed the issue.

I’m having the exact same issue with v6.0.2.2.

Using PS3 profile, the only audio option I can choose is 5.1. I would prefer my videos in 2 channel, but after choosing 2 channel, clicking OK, then going back to conversion settings, it’s back to 5.1.

I tried it, does the same as described if the original has AC-3/5.1. Stereo downmix selection will not stick.