Can't capture video with Xpert DVD Maker

I have installed an Xpert - DVD Maker PCI card in my PC. I want to copy my families home movies to DVD. I have tried using both Power Producer 2 Gold and Nero to capture the VHS video. Both programs will copy only 2 minutes or less of video, then the image in the preview screen freezes and nothing more is copied. After this happens I can’t get a signal from the VCR again without rebooting my PC. I have a P4 2.8G processor, 512K ram, and approximately 175G available on the Hard Drive.

Any suggestions from anybody?

Try capturing using VirtualDub. It is free and tends to be a lot more reliable than commercial capture programs.

I have downloaded VirtualDub. I am VERY new at this and I don’t find VirtualDub to be a very intuitive program. I haven’t been able to figure out what to do once I get the program started. The help/instructions is pretty weak. There is lots of information on what the options do, but how about some help just getting started!?

To capture, just use File > Capture AVI and see if it captures properly.

Documentation for virtualdub is available here. I would by lying if I said that some assembly is not required, but really this is quite a powerful prog even though it is not too friendly. There is definitely an assumption on the developer’s part that you will explore and figure out how to do things.

Thanks for the help. I can capture video…now just need to figure out the audio. I’ll keep exploring.

Hey kmrenken…

Are you trying to do a stright to disk copy with the Power Producer? If not give that a try. I have this and it’s worked almost perfect. I’ve made approx 50 movies with it and only had a couple lock ups. Just re-booted and it took off again. Are you using S-Video or Rca cables for hook up?



I was trying to capture the video to my hard drive thinking that would make it easier to edit prior to burning to DVD. I did try going straight to disk and had the same problem. I’m using my old VHS camcorder to play the movies and am using the RCA cables.

I am able to capture the video with VirtualDub, but I can’t get any sound from either program. I have the audio out line from Xmaker plugged into the mic/line in on my sound card.

I’m wondering if I have a bad card.

    • Kimmit

Could be a sound card. Or could be the X-Pert card. Got any friends that could barrow you one to try and verify?? I’m also using the RCA cables. But I’m also using a Sima GoDVD Digital Video Enhancer and Duplicator in line with this. This allows me to make copies of my Daughters (7yr old) movies on VHS and put them to DVD so she can have them at our lake home. If I remember right your just trying to make family movies so this device wouldn’t be needed. There’s only 3 things that it could be. Your cable or the cards. At least you don’t have a ton of things to check. You may want to double check and make sure the card is seated good. Other than this, there’s not much else one can tell you. Good luck.
One more idea. Try going straight from the VCR to the X-Pert card with the rca cables and try straight to disk. Make sure you have the proper amount of time set for recording in the Power Producer Gold. Also you can update the drivers from kworld for free if you haven’t done so already.


You might want to look at your video card and reset to default. This is what I did and it cured it

I was not getting sound from my xpert dvd maker. Removed and reinstalled the sound drivers and it worked fine after that.