Can't Burn!



Please help me... I am knew to burning, but the problem I am having seems as though it should be obvious....

I have a SONY 40x24x10 writer running on Windows XP.
When I try and copy video files (from C drive) to disc, the 'burn' icon or 'write cd' text ar always faded out and cannot be actioned.:confused:

What am I doing wrong... please any ideas?


Apologies - should have said that I was using Nero 5.5.8!


What type of video files are you trying to copy and what is the file extension?

What kind of CDR are you trying to create and what is the intended use?

What are the exact steps that you are using in Nero to copy the files?


I am trying to copy mpegs for compilations I can play in the DVD player which is enabled for VCDs. I am writing them to 700M CDRs.

I am getting to the point where I drag and drop from the C drive to the CDR list, but then I cannot burn as the icon is faded out.

Is it possible Nero thinks this is only a demo version?