Can't burn with Nero express

He, I have a NEC DVD RW 2500A. When i want to burn a cd-rom or DVD, I only can select an image recorder. No where i can select the burn speed or what ever. So when i select the files to burn, and press the “burn!” button, Nero save a image file to my hard disk but doesn’t write the data to the CD!

I have nero express, and never had a other version installed on my computer.

I have tried anything, even a e-mail to nero but i don’t get any answer. Maybe there is someone here to help me out? :a

Your version of Nero doesnt support the ND2500 drive. Try updating to the latest Nero version of the 5x series from here

You can also try modifying a Nero registry entry to make it recognise the drive. You can read all about this here, although it is not needed since the latest 5x nero version should support the drive.