Cant burn VCD to CD-RW with Nero

I have NEC ND-1300A and Nero I authored a Video-CD inside Nero and wanted to burn to a CD-RW.

But Nero hanged at the last few %. I tried different brands of CD-RW and different OS (XP and 2K) with the same Nero version and all hanged.
Initially I thought my burner was broken as I could burn VCD to CD-RW with previous version of Nero.

I copied the mpeg to the CD-RW as data. It worked. I burnt the VCD to Nero image file and copied to the same CD-RW with Daemon/CloneCD. It worked! It seems that my drive is hopefully working fine:D and the problem laid in Nero.:a

In fact I could still make DVD-Video and normal CD without any problem.

Does anyone has a clue how to solve it?