Can't burn VCD movie Mpeg 1 over 700 meg file

Correct me please if I am wrong but I thought you could burn a VCD using a mpeg1 file over 700 megs. I have created an mpeg1 file 735 megs in size and am attempting to burn it as a non complient VCD movie w/ nero. When I go to burn the movie nero reports my 700meg 80 min CD will NOT FIT/burn this CDR! What am I doing wrong please!! TIA.

if the mpeg isn’t vcd-compliant, it’s hard to know what its effect will be capacity-wise. a fully compliant vcd mpeg is 10mb/min, and when written in mode 2, a cd can hold 800mb/80min of vcd mpeg.

:wink: OK, so you think the non-compliency is the issue. I was wondering that myself. That kinda sux. I was burning a KVCD and thought my file size could be larger and equal 800 meg. Thanks, I appreciate the help :slight_smile: