Can't burn under 8x


I don’t know if this is a media, software, hardware or firmware issue, so I hope that it is ok to post it in here.

However. A friend of mine have a problem with burning quality on his nec nd 4551a. He is trying to burn in 1x or 2x to improve quality. He are using Nero 6.x, but he cant get the speedsetting under 8x.

What is the problem?

I will soon get back to You for more info about the media he is using.

Burning speeds are written in the drive firmware. Hi speed certified media usually are not allowed in firmwares to be burned at a too low speed because it give bad results.

The old rule “the more slower is the burning and higher is quality” is a myth. With DVD media usually the best results are obtained burning around the certified speed of the disc. Burning a 16x media @2x almost always give bad results, or even a coaster. The only apparent exception is with MCC03RG20 media, that can give good-decent results also @4x, but for the most of media the best option is to burn around certified speed.

This is BS and only a myth…
No one needs to burn dvd media at 1x or 2x with such a burner!

Ok. But what if we are talking about cd-media?
Some people claims that a slower burn creats less errors, is that also a myth?
I’m a n00b on this so please forgive me for the, perhaps, stupid questions.
Further, some people suggest that a slower speed may increse compatibility (perhaps due to less errors, increase readability) in some cd-players, i.e in cars. What about that?

With CD media this is partially true, but not absolutely true.

Usually the most picky are standalone audio CD readers, so many people think that is better to burn Audio CD at not more than 16x (mostly to reduce jitter, and not to reduce errors on the disc).

Anyway, also high speed certified CD give good results at a speed around their certified value, so you can save some time during the burn. For example, a 52x certified CD media can be burned with very good results also @32-40x.

Anyway, there are no absolute rules. Each drive give different results, and there is also enough media variability between batches so what is true for one person can be false for another. Also firmware used in the drive can influence burning quality.

Too bad, the only way to find what is better is to do some tests personally and see results.

Here’s what I tend to do:

For DVD media, I burn at the rated speed, unless I’m using 16x media, in which case most of the time, I’ll drop to 12x.

For CDR media, data discs I burn at 32x, audio discs I burn at 16x.

Works like a charm for me. With DVD media, slower is not always better, especially speeds as low as 1-2x.

Ok, thank You very much for the answers.
I’m a bit less n00b now :wink:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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