Can't burn, tries dvd shrink, and clone



I have not been able to burn and write a dvd without the dvd pausing and then just stops playing. First Itried dvd shrink, then dvd clone. Any suggestions?

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What media are you using?


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can you please provide some more details, like what DVD drive and what media you´re using?


Also add to TOSHIBAer’s post: Are these playback issues while you view them on a stand alone player,or viewing them on your pc?

Verify them: If those issues occur while viewing on a stand alone player: Take note of the areas where the issues occur. Then play that backup in your pc,using the same dvd-rw drive that produced it-to play it.Keep a close eye on that area when issues occur. A burner must be able to play it’s own backups,and they should look near original in quality.

Also test in some friends/family members/or next door neighbors players. The more,then the better.That’ll give you a better perspective as to which drives or all drives having issues with that backup.

Brand name/format/and disc speed of blank media? MID code would be handy.
How fast were they burned?
Did you multi-task during the backup process?
Hard drives defragged?
Using Paper/sticker labels?


This may be a stupid answer, windows xp media addition


Hmm, not what people meant. What you’re being asked is what type of blank dvd are you using when burning.

In all probability, using bad blank dvds or ones that aren’t compatible with your burner is the cause of your playback problems.


Surely a cheap media problem.