Cant burn to Imation/Sony DVDs!Modifying firmware for NEC 6500A!PLZ HELP




I want to modify the firmware of my NEC 6500A DVD RW Drive that came in my Fujitsu-Siemens v2020 Laptop…

It is not able to write onto 16X Sony DVDs or Imation DVDs, and I have purchased a pack of 25 Imations and 50 Sonys which i would like to be able to use other than for coasters…

Iv been directed to liggy’s webpage…but i have no clue where to start and what firmware to apply…there are lots of modified firmwares…which one do i chose?? and does it matter if my drive is OEM?? will there be risk of un-fixable damage??

If anyone can be kind enough to guide me through…i would be more than grateful…because this problem is getting on my nerves and i dont like to think iv wasted 75 brand new dvds…!!

Thanx in advance…



You can try MCSE, see the READ FIRST threads.

Don’t forget that your drive is an 8x burner.