Can't burn them to DVD because they are copy protected



I had downloaded the 2004 Alcs Red Sox/ Yankees a while back off a popular baseball website. Now I can’t burn them to DVD because they are copy protected, each game is like 4 or 5 hours long, so they are taking up like 6GB on my laptop. I don’t want to delete them, because I had to pay like $24 for them.

Can someone please help me,the site says I can burn them, but additional software is needed. Can someone please tell me what that software may be, and how I would go about burning them. As I mentioned in the afore mentioned title, I am a bit of a computer idiot, so a little hand holding may be required to lead me through this.


You need a program like Slysoft any DVD to remove the CSS protection on the DVD…take a look here

Hope it helps!


What form are files in?
Is it DVD format with VOB’s etc.
What tells you that you can’t burn them because they are copy ptotected?


It’s actually on my brothers laptop, he has the DVD burner, I just have a CD Burner on my PC, I’m not sure what burning software he uses, I have Nero 5. I’ll give that Slysoft a try. He said when he tried to burn them it gave him an alert that they couldn’t be burned because they were copy protected. MLB said it could be done, but additional software is needed.

Thanks for your response guys!


The guy on the slyfox site said they can’t help with passing DRM Copyright, any other suggestions.