Can't burn TDK CMC MAGE01 at 6X or 8X

I have (had) Gigabyte GO-W1608A which is a rebadged SOHW 1633S, which I’ve flashed to a SOHW 1653S with CSOC firmware (currently). I will test the newer CSOK when I get home.

I have some TDK made CMC MAGE01 DVD+Rs and I can’t burn them at speeds higher than 4X. Quality after burning at 4X is perfect though.

I’m using Nero and it will eventually say “Burn process failed at 8X” or 6X, after trying for about a minute or so in the Lead-in process. Fortunately, the DVD is unharmed, and I can use it as a blank disc hereafter (but at 4X).

This has been the same with all the firmware versions, starting from the original firmware version (BS02) that came with the original form of the drive. Actually thats the reason I upgraded (not update) the firmware.

So, could this be a problem with the drive itself, firmware or a bad bunch of media.

Thanks to whoever takes his time to read the thread and more importantly, post a reply.

Mind you that I can burn DVD-R at 8X speeds, and I aven’t been able to find any other DVD+R media which are rated for speeds higher than 4X.

What are your computer stats?

DVD Burner as Secondary master

AthlonXP 2600+
Seagate ST340014A 7200RPM hard drive
Benq 4816A CDRW as secondary slave

I guess this is all you need to know regarding the problem.

I also updated to CS0K patched firmware few hours agp, but I didn’t try burning a new DVD because I just don’t like to waste it on a test DVD. (I only have three in the stock and keeping them for more important stuff until I buy some more soon)

CMC MAGE01 suck bigtime… just buy decent media

I argee with relex. CMC is notorious for having very low-quality media. Try to find blanks that say “Made in Japan” on the label (these should be made by Taiyo Yuden or Ricoh Japan), and you will almost certainly be much happier with your results.

So glad to hear that it’s not a fault with the drive.
But it’s so hard to find DVDs that are not really expensive here in Sri Lanka. Even the CMC MAGE01 media cost me about $1.30, and Verbatim Datalife Plus are about $2. Actually, I’m pretty happy with the MAGE01 at 4X.
The only disk that I have which is made in Japan is a DVD+RW with code RICOHJPNW11.

I’ve used the CMCMAGE01 on my LiteOn with absolutely no problems. Burned at 4x.

I always order my DVD’s on the internet and you could also buy them on the internet… for example etc

I bought Fuji’s with REAL Tayo Yuden media code 8x. And I paid 45 eurocents/dvd and the results are GREAT on 8x

with a Plextor but, hey, it’s CMCMAGE01 @ 8X

PX-716A TLA 0101
FW 1.06

a little media quality issue from 2.5-3.5gb (confirmed by another burn in another drive) but still a perfectly fine result…