Can't burn TDK at 2x on Pioneer A103

i bought TDK unbranded 2x dvd-r.
using my pioneer a103, it won’t burn them at 2x speed…works at 1x.
i’ve used meritline 2x in the past ok at 2x.

i’ve been to pioneers site and installed the “fast media” firmware update and it still won’t burn either TDK 2x or Maxell 2x discs?

anybody have suggestions?

My A03 burns Maxell 2x discs at 2x.

Could you post the manufacturer ID? There are TDK G01 and TDK G02, and only the G02 are 2x

the web page does not have that detail.

here is the link:

any help?

Use ADVDInfo to retrieve this ID.

what is ADVDInfo?
an application?
where do i get it…how do i run it?

thanks…i spend $100 on these discs and they don’t burn at 2x.

I have the Firmware 2.0 and i can all Media inkl. RW with 2x

Regio Free.

When you like the firmware send a Mail.