Can't burn TDK 8X DL

I got some TDK 8X DL DVD from costco but having problem burning anything. I’m using LG GSA-4163 and NERO 7 but only got error message “Could not perform Disc-at-once”. Any idea? TIA.

Old drive + new media + Nero = disaster.

What speed are you burning them at?

Recommended would be:

Old drive + 2.4X Verbatim media + Imgburn.

I tried 2.4x but no luck I’ll try imgburn later. So is it problem with Nero or 4163B?

Mostly its the media you are trying to burn, but your burner is what, 4yrs old? It can’t recognize these newer disks.

You may not have noticed, but beef specifically recommended Verbatim 2.4x speed media. If you are going to use this burner for dual layer burns, that particular media plus ImgBurn is your best bet.

A new burner wouldn’t be as expensive as making many coasters with dual layer disks. You might want to look into a new Pioneer 116 or Optiarc 72xx series drive if you want to burn dual layer. And even with a new burner the only dual layer media we commonly recommend is Verbatim, though some have had success with Philips in the new burners.

I’ve been using memorex DL at 2.4X speed with no problem. 4163B is old but it is still working so I don’t want to spend extra as I’m not using enough. Anyway, I downloaded ImgBurn and used MediaCodeSpeedEdit to add the new media, Ritek S04066.

After that I was able to burn an ISO image file to it, got error/warning messages in the beginning, but could continue to complete the burn. Haven’t test the result yet but it looks ok with a quick check.

Those TDK 8x DL discs are absolute arse in my experience. Picked some up for cheap at Best Buy here in Canada, and while they’re workable at 4x in my Samsung SH-S203N, I have not had one single disc get past 7 percent at 8x.

As backwards as this sounds, Memorex-branded discs of the same RITEK-S04 media code seem to fare much better - and we all thought Memorex was crap…