Can't burn slower than 8x

I got a nec 3540a and I can’t seem to set the burning speed lower than 8x.
I’ve tried various programs but it didn’t help.

Any ideas?


Are you trying to burn CD-R media?

AFAIK all NEC 35xx drives are limited to burning CD-R at 8x or faster. Unless you have CD-R media from the stoneage, this shouldn’t be a problem.

As [B]DrageMester [/B]mentions, this is normal, this drives can’t write CDR at lower speeds.

But why on earth do you want to burn your CDRs at lower speeds than 8X? :eek: - if it’s from the same old song that “the lower the speed = the better the quality”, welcome to the real world, this is an uninformed or obsolete advice. Nowadays, most CDR media, in modern burners, burns best (including jitter levels) between 12X and 32X. With some media and burners, you can even go up to 40X without [I]any[/I] drop in burning quality.

And frankly, I’m extremely thankful for that! :bigsmile:

Now if it’s with DVDR, that’s another story! Would you mind clearing this point? :slight_smile:

if he really wanted to, couldnt liggy and dees firmware help out?

:disagree: L&D don’t tamper with the CDR strategies :wink:

Well the reason I want to burn at 2x and 4x is for my Dreamcast games.

I just dusted off my old dc from the storeroom to play some party games with friends, but when I burn at 8x it gives me tons of problems.

lol, the “console backuppers myth” again.

God, make them read the threads, please sigh

I’m only burning 2 games which I have.
Since I haven’t touched my dc in 3 years, I have no idea where I’ve put it.

what speed is your media rated at? I have media which burns badly at 8x too, but I will try it at higher speeds to see if it results in better quality. I guess you could try that too?