Can't burn +RW or 4x +Rs, but can burn 2x +R & -R

I’ve got the MicroAdvantage (BTC 1008 model, FW 54) drive which I bought about 10 days ago. I had no trouble with installation and have burned very successfully using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink to 2x Ritek DVD+Rs (and to one 2x TDK -R).

However, I’ve had NO luck burning to 2x +RWs (tried Imation, TDK, and Ridata). I’ve used Movie Studio 2.5 as well as Nero It gets almost all the way through the burning process and fails while writing the lead out. With Nero it said the error was a “positioning error”. I’ve found nothing on that in any forums or on any web site.

Also, this burner would not write to the two 4x Memorex +Rs, locking the system up after about 22% of the burning was completed.

Any suggestions? Do I need to take this puppy back (I’m afraid Office Max may not take it as I’ve already sent in for the rebate)?

Thanks for any help.

My system

Athlon xp 2500
Asus A7N8X Deluxe Bios 1.07
nvidia nforce 2 chipset (latest update)
1 GB Corsair DDR 400 RAM
MSI 52x CD-R
BTC 1008
WD 120 GB HD
ATI 9700 Pro

I’ve got the same Burner and same disks, and have the exact same problem. I don’t think its a chipset problem as mine is VIA, not Nvidia like yours. I think a few other people are having the same problems with the RicohJPN01 4x +R media. Unfortunately I got mine 2 weeks ago and staples won’t take it back, so i’m trying to sell it.


I have a similar problem.
I’ve tried a lot of different 4x dvd+r’s (including ricohjpnr01) and none of them seem to burn at 4x (they do burn acutally but kprobe scan gave errors above 400 or so), at 2x the same discs burn fine and kprobe gives nice results.

What is the problem???

the problem is much less about the 4x DVD+Rs, but more about the +RWs. I have a winfast tv card in my system and want to be able to download tv to +RWs. I get an error almost every time. I’ve got plenty of Ritek 2x DVD+Rs so the 4x issue isn’t really a big problem. I just mentioned that, too.

Know anything about not being able to write to DVD+RWs (either 2x or 4x) or what the program calls a positioning error?


I’ve successfully burned DVD+RW @ 4x using
OPTODISC A10 disks. I am using BTC 1008
with firmware version 256. I’ve posted full details
on this forum.

I have successfully set BOOKTYPE to DVD-ROM
using BTC utility and played DVD on my TV-set
top consumer DVD player (Panasonic HT-SC790).

Now I can "test-burn " DVD’s using DVD+RW,
set BOOKTYPE, test DVD+RW on consumer DVD players,
then once “perfect” burn them to DVD-R @4X.

BTW- I am using generic AML brand DVD-R @4X.

This method sure saves me from burning too many