Cant burn RW on Pioneer 109



:confused: :confused: Problem with RW disk

Ive been burning fine now for the first 3 weeks and today had my first problem. Bought a pack of five RW Ricoh dvd+rw 4x.
When I tried to burn with clone dvd the message at the bottom of the last page never moved into writing??? These discs wernt cheap so i dont understand what the problem might be. Do I need to change a setting in Clone dvd? Have writing set to 4x which has always worked on the -r discs. Using Pioneer DVR 109.
My burner is only 3 weeks old.


Do you have packet writing software running in the background?


Sorry I am very new to all this and I dont know what that means?
Packet running software in the background :confused:


Something like Nero InCD or Roxio’s whatever it’s called. Most burning apps have the option to install packet writing software that lets you just drag things to a burner as if it were any other folder on your hard drive without going through the actual burning software each time.


You lose a large chunk of your capacity use packet wrting, a 700MB cd ends up 585MB if i mind correctly, not tried with dvd and have no need to.

Them disc you used arant the best anymore try verbatim dvd-rw you get nice new 8x for + and 6x for -


Ive downloaded the latest firmware from pioneer today and still wont work. will buy some new media and see what happens. ty


I bought (1) benq 4x dvd+rw and it works perfectly the first time! It does say 120min video so does that mean I cant burn a movie longer than 120mins even with clone dvd?


Is that question related to this thread??
That info is made for standalone dvd recorders using SP mode. That mainly means mpeg2 ML full-res video and mpeg2 48k audio.