Can't burn Ritek G05 at 8x?



As per subject… :sad:

I see with DVDInfopro (see attachment) that the only available “Write Descriptor” for the Ritek G05 media is “CLV 4.0x”, despite having a “Manufacturer rated speed” of 8x. Therefore Nero Burning Rom will only let me burn the media at 4x.

But I bought them as 8x, paying the difference from the old G04 4x media :frowning:

I have a LG-GSA 4160B (16x DL burner) with A300 firmware.

What can I do? Why should they place only a 4x write descriptor on 8x media, while Verbatim places 12x descriptors on their +R 8x media???


Available Write Descriptors refer to writing strategies stored in the drive’s firmware - they are not present on the disc physically. So even with the same media these descriptors may be different for different drives.

Yes, many drives can overspeed certain media, like Verbatim MCC03 to 12x that you were porbably referring to. But only quality media can be oversped. You cannot compare MCC03 and G05. The first one is top-of-the-line media that guarantees solid burns in just about any burner, the second is wildly inconsistent cheap junk. AFAIK, Plextor and NEC drives limit the burn speed to 4x with these discs, too. That is a firmware limitation you cannot go around because drive manufacturers did tests with that media and deemed it incapable of higher speeds.


Thanks for the reply, that makes sense finally.

I’m buying Verbatim (Mitzubishi MCC003 media code) lately, to get the best results all-round with my DVD’s, and I know that they’re far better than the Ritek media (but they also cost almost a double price).

But I also used Ritek G04 4x media for a long time, with perfect results in burn success rate (I never made a coaster with those media) and in burn quality, at least from what I can test: watching them with my standalone DVD player and re-reading/copying them on the PC’s DVD-Rom. Unluckily with an LG drive I can’t scan the results with a proper software :sad:

The “bad” surprise is only for the speed of these G05… I hope that at least the burn quality can be the same of the G04’s :rolleyes:


Your opinions on Ritek G05s do not match any of the scans I have seen from NEC or Pioneer, both of which will write at 8X with no problems and do not have any firmware limitations in their current firmware. I get scans on my 3500 burns that are equal to TY and MCC and others have as well. If you have an older drive, with outdated firmware, then you could be limited to 4X.

While other drives experienced problems with Ritek R03s and did limit firmware to 4X, you are the first to attribute this to G05. Also, G04s have been inconsistent for over 6 months. Neither of these are true for G05. Maybe you are hearing information from people who are mixing these things up.


Traxdata Ritek G05 Burned @ 8x w Pioneer 108 FW 1.18

Use the official brands and you wont go far wrong :iagree:


Mr. Brownstone: Thanks for the very impressive example.


Plenty more where that came from


I’ve used the G05s on my NEC2500 & originally the firmware limited the burn to 4x. I updated to a modified firmware & have burned many at 8x without a problem, getting scans similar to those by Mr B. Look for a firmware update.



Ritek 8x -R (G05) is my movie copy “workhorse” and I haven’t thrown a coaster in 120+/- burns-

Love this stuff-



Hm… it’s been about 5 months or so since I bought G05s, I used to buy G04s before but the poor quality of the media I got (2 from newegg, 1 from rima 1 from meritline) made me think that G05 was just not as good as grade A g04 before it, so I’ve pretty much switched to TY media. The price difference isn’t huge any more.
Those scans look a lot better than the average disc I burnt before, although with newer firmwares and a NEC 3500A I wonder if I’d fare better nowadays with G05. Out of curiousity where are people in the US buying good qual G05 from?


Actually the OP should try update the firmware. A300 is the original revision, and the 4160B’s firmware is up to A303 with better media support including 8x -R Riteks being listed as improvement points.


That is possible. I will stick to expressing my opinions on the media I have first-hand experience with from now on.



Best vendors/prices in USA for quality “A” grade Riteks are - and



Way to pounce on Never Again! Great job guys. This is why I love forums so much… you can tell people exactly how you feel or what you know and don’t have to worry about them punching you in the face.


I would hope that Never Again did not think that what I said was jumping on his opinion. A very small part of what I know is direct experience but the rest is what other people who share here know. I would never be able to do what I am doing now without these forums. Just because Never Again has heard different things about G05s from what I have heard doesn’t mean I am right and he is wrong. He very well might have access to new information. This is how we found out about the changes in quality concerning Prodisc and Ritek. Things change in this field; none of us can be too confident about what we know.


Here is a 4160/5160 burn of RITEKG05 at 8x.

From CDFreaks review of GSA-5160D (external model of GSA-4160B) by Jan70.

Page link:

Pioneer is clearly a little better for Ritek burning and Princo burning and Pioneer has been the choice for most low-quality Taiwanese media.

Though the error rates shown are acceptable, none of the results are as good as those with MCC003 and YUDEN000T02. If you were using real MCC003, MCC004, YUDEN000T02, YUDEN000T03, TYG02, TYG01, and so on, you would be getting total number of PIF’s like 5 or 10. LG 4160/5160 + RITEKG05 at 8x showed over 1,138 and Pioneer DVR-A08/108 + RITEKG05 at 8x showed 411. And 8x is not a fast speed for 8x rated media.


I agree with you.


If you compare the prices of OEM Taiyo Yuden DVD media with REAL Ritek brand DVD media, there’s practically no difference. In some cases, Ritek costs more than Taiyo Yuden. Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T02 branded under Fujifilm and Verbatim names are both cheap and good.


Right on page, MCC003 8x and MCC02RG20 8x are selling for US$0.3 per disk. Ritek 4x DVD media under them are selling for exactly the same price and Ritek 8x DVD media cost more.

Good Ritek media are sold under “Ritek” brand. There’s also RiDATA.

One of the good alternatives to Ritek average-quality media:

Verbatim 5-color 4x DVD+R media. YUDEN000T02 MID. Combines Mitsubishi and Taiyo Yuden technologies, but cheaper than Gigastorage, cheaper than Prodisc, cheaper than Ritek. Sometimes cheaper than Princo and Infodisc. :slight_smile:


Kenshin, I am confident you are aware of this, but for others, Verbatim pastel TY are not available in North America.


Phredrick, thank you for speaking up for me =).
Chas0039, no of course I did not take it personally, especially as your post was worded very properly.
Thank you for the confirmation Kenshin!


I’ve had “focus or tracking errors” with my previous LG unit and I’ve seen several people here in the forum having the same problem after upgrading the firmware, so I’m quite concerned that I might have the same problem if I “touch” my 4160B just for the sake of speed with the 50 Ritek 8X media I bought…

But, on the other hand, burning G05 8x media at 4x, from the test results I’ve seen here, seems to be even worse… a lot of scan errors :o

What’s your opinion, should I upgrade? Consider that, once that the Ritek pack is finished, I’ll stick to Verbatim MCC003 (I’ve already bought 150 of them)


You could go after some TY G01s at Supermedia, meritline, shop4tech or others for around $35 per 100 delivered. These burn flawlessly at 8X on my NEC and very few people dispute their quality.