Cant burn PULSE

Whenever i am trying to burn pulse before it actually starts copying all of the files. In the first step it comes up with an “error while reading disc” and gives me the option of retry, abort, ignore, ignore all.

Hello gtrenderer, and welcome to the club. First of all, I just wanted to say that I’ve backed Pulse up already so Yes, it can be done,LOL. You say that in the first step it comes up with an error box right? How far into the movie does it go before this happens ? As far as percentage wise. Also, check the obvious causes. Make sure the DVD is clean. You might try making sure you have the latest version of Fab too, ver. What type of DVD burner are you using ? Do you have the latest firmware version for it? When was the last time you did a defragmentation of your HD? You might try checking these things first, that way you know what’s not causing the problems. I was having the same problems with mine, but it turned out to be my burner was dieing on me. Which is not to say that’s your problem, but take it one step at a time ok. ~ Mike

it goes to the opening phase which is the first time the bar fills before it says it is copying all of the .ifo and .vob files. I know that it is clean and i defragged about 1 week ago. i have the new version but i will try all of these things again and then i will get back to you but if you could just keep an eye out on this posting in case i still have problems with pulse burning that would be of amazing help and thankyou again.

I sure will. Good luck. ~ Mike