Can't Burn On Dru 720a


I’m a newbie to this forum & dvd burners. I have just installed a Sony dru 720a on my computer. I’m using Nero OEM. I have been able to burn cds w/it. My problem comes w/burning dvds.

I’m able to read a dvd & play it. The problem is that I can’t burn. The hardware & software will read the source disc ok, but when I insert the target disc (+R RW) it kicks the disc out w/a message to set my software for this medium. I’ve checked the settings & this is authorized. Any suggestions? HELP!!!

Do you have any other software running such as AnyDVD? If not you will not be able to backup a commercial DVD movie. I would suggest if you want to back up DVD movies to use AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 - both available from This is probably one of the best supported bits of software out there. Plus the author of CloneDVD2 is on these forums and is very helpful.

Perhaps a newer version of Nero will solve your problem. Updates can be downloaded for free from

If he just burns with nero, he won’t be able to shrink the movie onto a dvd-5 disc.

Clonedvd & anydvd get’s my vote.

Ok Folks

This is what is going on. I got a 3-disc set that someone else had burned for me. This is an instructional type of dvd. There is no protection. I think the problem is with my burner & its settings since I can copy just fine but not burn.

What is the advice ?

No I don’t have any other software running. In fact, the set that I’m trying to copy was originally burned on Nero OEM & there is no protection on the dvds.

What is the size of the discs you want to back up? It could be they are DL discs? If they are only DVD-5, what media are you using? It may be that your burner doesn’t like that particular brand.


The source discs are TDK dvd-r, 8x, 4.7 gb
The record discs are Memorex dvd+r, 8x, 4.7gb, rw

Have I screwed up? I’m new to this.

I am fairly new to this myself - however, you do get good advice on these forums, I have read people having problems with Memorex discs - they are generally not considered to be great discs. Why do you want to use a RW anyway? If you want to keep the copies you would be much better getting some decent +R or -R media. I have a Sony drive (710-UL) and have had great results with -R RiDisc media.

It would also be worth checking that your firmware is up to date - check the Sony site.

Hope this helps some.

I’m not to up to date on the discs. Should I have discs that are either +/-R, but not have the RW logo? I guess what I’m asking is what disc should I have to copy? Meaning the nomemclature.

I also have some dvd discs that I got from Staples. They too are the dvd+r, RW. I can always take them back.


All you want is -R or +R which means that once you write to the disc, you can not delete it (write once). The RW means that the disc is re-writeable - good for temperary storage. You will find though that certain brands work better with your burner. As a lot of things in life, if you buy cheap media, they will probably be cheap!!! Have a search about on the Lite-On/Sony forum and see what media people prefer. As I said, I have had great results with RiDisc.

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