Can't burn on CDRW in xp?

hiya, i dont know if this question has been solved or not, my apologies if it has… but any way

i have windowsxp, (haven’t installed sp1 or anything like that), i use nero bundle with my liteon 48x24x84 ide (i think the model name was


and basically my problem is that i put in a blank formatted cdrw (formatted thorough via nero) i try to access the cd and it says it is an incorrect function, i can’t access it nor can i throw items into it as i can at my TAFE college… they use xp there too, no sp either, but they use old mitsubishi burners there

please help me as this is my medium for transferring vital documents



update to the latest version of nero.

Formatting via Nero is NOT the way to create a disk that can be used in Windows’ explorer. When you format a disk in Nero it will be completely erased. When you want to create a disk that can be used to drag and drop files to via Windows Explorer then you need to format the disc with InCD (or some other packet writing software but I recommend InCD since it’s free when you’ve installed Nero). Install the latest InCD version which you can download from . Insert an empty CD-RW disc in your drive and InCD should ask what you want to do with it. Choose to format it with InCD. Formatting will take some time depending on which format you choose (I think your drive also supports Mount Rainier besides normal packet writing). After formatting you can use your CD-RW disc as an extra hard disk. You should be eject the disc via the InCD software icon in your system tray when you’re done. Good luck! More information on Mount Rainier can be found here. Good luck!

unfortunately, i WOULD have gone with INCD but my college doesn’t use it, they use the drag & drop method… so is there any way for me to get my cd to work in the windowsxp drag & drop system once again? or have i got a dud?

InCD IS the program (actually its more of a driver) that enables the drag and drop facility.
I think the system is UDF - google and read

ok, so if INCD is drag & drop (obviously) what is the windowsXP method, drag, drop, burn?

that would be correct
incd writes onthefly on a formatted disc
xp creates a new typical session