Cant burn movies!

Have just downloaded tunebite after using cucusoft to convert and then burn movies to dvd. The conversion time is quite slow 2hrs+ is this correct? After its conversion how do i then burn to dvd, i know i’m probably being a dumbass but cant quite work it out???:frowning:

Hello motherbrown,

The conversion time depends on whether the movie is protected or not, because if the movie you are trying to convert is protected, then Tunebite will do the conversion in real time.

Concerning the problem you have with burning:
Tunebite does not support DVD burning, it has the CD burning wizard, which helps burning only CD’s.

If you would like to burn your converted movie on CD, you’ll have to do the following:

  1. See that both of your CD-ROM devices are installed correctly and have the latest windows drivers for each of them.

  2. Please see also whether you use Virtual devices which some Burning tools would create like Nero, Deamon tools, etc

  3. If one of your CD-RW devices are set as default for your system , please see that CDWizard of Tunebite will use the same device

Good luck!