Can't burn movie on DVD+RW

A newbie here. Looking forward to learning something here at this website. My question pertains to my Sony DVD RW DW-U12A burner. I’m using Pinnicle Studio to edit movies from my camera. After the movie is rendered, I install a blank DVD per the prompt on the screen (dvd+rw), a pop-up appears asking me if I’d like to format the disk, I click ‘yes’, but the movie does’nt burn onto the dvd. Does my DVD burner support +RW ? Can’t find my literature on the Sony to find out. Don’t know what the problem is. Any help is greatly appreaciated. Thanks in advance. :iagree:

That’s a very old dvd burner now, and it probably doesn’t recognize the RW disks you are using. The information I found shows it is capable of burning +RW at 2.4x only.

My suggestion is to get a new burner. If you want a direct replacement look for one with an IDE/PATA interface, like this Sony/Optiarc 7200A:

Welcome to the forum. I agree with Kerry56. Here is a link to the Sony 7220A at Newegg and others at cheap prices!

Thanks for the info Kerry56 and The C. I’ll try to slow the speed down per the recommendation. If not, I’ll go back and use DVD-R or (+R) Thanks again.