Can't burn Movie Maker file

I have a 14MB “Windows media audio/video” format file made from windows movie maker 2 stored on hard disc. When trying to burn it to a TDK, DVD R/W 4.7GB disc in my LG drive, it seems that Nero only accepts file formats in .Bup, .Vob, or .Ifo. I have a file type converter (“Super”) but it cannot convert to these formats. Can anyone advise me on what to try next?

you talking about windows movie maker? It’s output would be a wmv file. WMV is not a video format. Open nero vision express, click add file, it can import a WMV file, then go through the various screens and burn it to your hard drive. Now it’s a video file that you can burn as a video

I have a 14.4 MB movie maker file that I am trying to save to hard drive. I have 11.64 GB of space available. When I try to save in DV-AVI, it says there is not wenough space. When I try to save it in the “recommended format”, it says it is saving, but never does.

Please help!

I have the same problem as Aaronx1. I tried the NERO solution but it looked like it was writing and then it gave me an error that it could not write. I tried the speed to write at 12x and am awaiting results as I write this.
Well; I got an error again!!! What to do?