Can't burn more than a single video to DVD

I am using Nero 6.6 Ultra Edition including NeroVision with a BenQ DW1640 and the stock BSHB firmware.

I am having a problem where I can’t successfully burn a DVD containing more than a single video file.

I can create the DVD project just fine, and it burns halfway through. But after burning the first video, the progress indicator switches from displaying the name of the first video file to displaying something like “creating disc structure”, then the disc ejects and NeroVision Express prompts me to save the burn failure log file. Nothing else at all was running, and the program’s priority is at “Above Normal”.

If I remove either of the video files from the project, so that the disc contains only a single video file, it burns fine.

I’ve placed the InfoTool output and nerovision.txt crash log online in case anyone would like to look at them.

Any ideas? I would sure appreciate the help.

Hi & welcome to the forum.

I would never set a conversion to burn directly to DVD. I’d always create either an ISO image (image recorder) or the hard disk folders and then burn separately. That way a conversion failure will not ruin a DVD and the point of failure would be easier to pinpoint.

Not sure why the 2.4x burn speed is selected. Much better to burn at the rated media speed or perhaps 12x for 16x media.