Can't burn medal of honor ,allied assualt



I can’t burn medal of honor ,allied assualt. Disk one is used for “key”. When I start the game the disk one copy will not unlock the game. Help?


I assume you are making a backup of your own legal copy right? Anyway, this isn’t the forum to ask this question in. I’d try in the “newbie forum” or “CD or DVD Copy Protection”.


it will get moved anyway so, What drive did you use to burn the disc with, what program did you use to burn it and what sort of drive are you trying to play it from as it won’t work in a writer you will need to play the game from a cd/dvd rom


If this reply is not in the proper place please explain where to go. I just started this a few minutes ago.
Thanks for the reply. I used slysoft “clone cd”. used hp burner, tried to play in dvd,cd rom player. message " encountered problem ,must close , send error report to microsoft", the origanal disk one will work.


Games are a tricky bunch. There are several advanced copy guards on the disks, some of which can only be backed up with certain software (there is no one software for every game), some of which can only be backed up on certain drives, in generall, there will be a specific method to backup each game.
I don’t back up a lot of games but here is what you are probably going to have to do. Use various programs and identify the specific copy protection on your game. Find specific methods to deal with that particular copy protection. Follow those methods. In many cases, there will be a spelled out proceedure for that particular game (here or elsewhere).
As has been stated, this thread will probably be moved, but in the mean time…

here is a list of games and what copy protections they have. If your game is not listed, after you learn how to break it, consider adding it to this list to help others.
here are the programs that can scan your disk and identify the copy protection
Not to put this site down (after all it is my home), but with games, sometimes it helps to search a few sites for the title of the game. Search here but afterdawn is another good site with lots of info on game copy protection. Somewhere or other there will be a specific way to do that particular game.
Hope that helps.
Fyi this is the main copy protection forum here, where this kind of thing is discussed to extent (and where your thread might get moved as it belongs there).


the protection is safedisc 2, go into your clone cd settings and select “amplify weak sectors” as im pretty sure your drive cant do safedisc 2 properly then like i said run the game from a normal cd/dvd drive.

here is a good guide for safedisc 2.51 which allied assault is protected(hah) with