Cant burn ISO's, is it Clones ISOs, the drive, Or?



Hi all. This one actually coastered 6 or 7 discs this weekend, so I figure I better chase it down before the costs really add up. I frequently wanna back up my DVD library in WAVES, so rather than burn DVDs 1 at a tyme (Which takes 30-60 minutes total) Ill often grab a stack (My library is over 200 movies and I have a big SATA HD) and burn some ISOs quick in a few minutes each…then burn em later when Im not too busy and can let it cook and swap discs without caring.

This weekend I had 4 ISOs that I made/saved with CloneDVD in the past few months that I had never gotten around to burning to disc.

ALL 4 failed on repeat attempts. I tried burning the files with both CLONEDVD and with NERO (Thats MULTIPLE attempts at 3 of the titles) and NO SUCCESS. The discs are almost unreadable after they finish burning. UNFORGIVEN (On of my favorite movies) will only load on the PC to the menu…as soon as I try and play the movie, it starts spinning the drive and freezes the player.(PowerDVD or WinDVD). If I use NERO SHOWTIME, it does tell me that some files on the DVD may be missing or damaged…do I wanna try and play anyway? Saying yes leads to the lockup…so I pretty much know the disc wasnt burned properly and now cant be read. putting these discs in the set-top players is basically the same. UNFORGIVEN wont even load the menu and spins the sony player forever…
HOWEVER, let me point out that if I grab the original off the shelf,(Yes, I really do own it), it plays FINE…can change chapters, doesnt skip and has no scratches I can see. I RETRIED making a fresh ISO file using CloneDVD (The original file was made a month ago or so) and NO…the resultant DVD burn from the fresh cloneDVD file was identical in the type of failure as the previous file.
iROBOT will load the menu after a considerable wait(maybe 8 or 10 seconds), but stutter and freeze shortly after the movie starts on either of my set-tops or on the PC. (Wont play past chapter 2 or 3 if I remember)

OK, we know we have an obvious/serious problem. We know what the problem is(The discs cant be properly read after burning?). Now, we need to determine WHAT IS CAUSING the problem? How best to do that?
I tried a simple copy of an unprotected title using NERO (One of my kids educational DVDs) and it appears to have copied fine and plays normally on the both PC and the set-tops. That tells me the burner isnt COMPLETELY dead. (Toshiba 5272).

I tried disabling ANYDVD before loading CloneDVD or Nero (To make sure it wasnt affecting drive commands by either program) and that made NO DIFFERENCE.

I HAVENT tried loading Decrypter or Shrink again and making an ISO with those and burning to see if they have better success…does that seem a logical next step to try and determine if its a software issue?

I have backed up probably 50-75 of my movies in the past 2 years using this PC and drive(Actually had an old 4x drive for part of that). I never had any problem till a month or 2 ago. I am currently using retail TDK 8x DVD-R disks, I loaded the latest firmware to the toshiba with no change. I am not asking a CloneDVD use/function question, as much as a HOW SHOULD THIS PROBLEM I HAVE AFTER USING CLONEDVD, BE DIAGNOSED TO DETERMINE IF CLONEDVD…OR SOMETHING ELSE…IS THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM question?

Any ideas appreciated.


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