Can't burn in Nero 6(not a thing)

No matter what speed, media brand, or media type(cd/dvd) I use, Nero 6.6.x.x cannot start a burn. It’s pretty much stuck at “Checking Disks”. The funny thing is that RecordNow Max works fine and my previous version of Nero 5 worked. The only reason I upgraded is because nero 5 didn’t support my NEC 3520 DVD Burner. Screenshot is below, I would greatly appreciate it if somebody could point me in the right direction.

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I would guess a conflict between RecordNow and Nero. You could try to uninstall both(and any other burning software), using nero clean tools, and then reinstall the nero. If that works, then you could try to reinstall the RecordNow program again if you need it and see if that works.

Ok thanks for your response. I did the uninstall, ran the clean tools, and also ran a registrycleaner for good measure. When I reinstalled nero 6 I got the same problem. It’s not erroring out or anything, just sits there at “Checking Discs” until I close it.

bumping to see if anyone else has ideas?


You may have a driver from another program conflicting with the Nero program. Please run the Nero Clean pack (registry checker and driver clean tool). This clean tool will check your system registry for conflicting drivers.


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The driver cleaner found no conflicting drivers, and the registry checker wont run when i double click it.

I would try using Nero 63XXX. I had nothing but problems with 66XXX (as have many). Went back to 63XXX all all is good.

hate to kick an almost dead horse in the nuts but I would still like some pointers if you all have any…I recently did a clean uninstall of version 6 and downloaded version 7. 7 worked like a charm for me but I couldn’t get a good quality burn to save my life, so I tried to uninstall and go back to 6…went back to the same problem as in my original post.

Yeah, gidday mate,
I dunno your DVD setup but NERO site says that software bundled with your DVD player will work and new ‘other unsupported’ players will not be supported…

How did you upgrade from version 5 to 6?
Version 6 requires a new serial key, so as a matter of fact you have to install version 6 from scratch and not to upgrade.
What’s your O/S? There were some problems reported woth the pair Nero/XP by the begining of the version. What’s your sub-version number?
The driver problems uses to affect more InCD not Nero Burning Rom. have you experienced to install it without InCD, after cleaning the system with Nero’s tool?