Can't burn in my DVD/CD-RW drive

Hi everyone. And thanks in advance for your help.

“Totally new” to this computer stuff but has to learn to deal with it. That’s why my nickname is “tinyGB”, small now and hopefully big tomorrow ;).

Well, I can’t burn new data in blank CD’s.
The drive does recognize CD with data.
In the programs (Roxio, Nero), CD with data are shown.
In the last step of each program:
Nero: I can’t press the key “burn” because it’s not shown as an option. When looking CD info, the message is “no CD in drive”
Roxio: a message appears "insert blank CD.
I check properties of the drive D, and everything seems ok.

Open to suggestions to follow step by step.


Hi TinyGB , welcome to CD Freaks.

Start by telling use what burner you’ve got and we can take it from there.

In Properties, I can see these info:

Type: Disk drives

Type: DVD/CD-ROM drives

Is this the info you’re looking?

Does this Nero version support your combo drive and is it selected as target drive?

What exact CDs are you trying to use, name and speed rated, Cd-R or CD-RW?

answer to question 1:

  • HOw can I know if this version support my combo drive?
  • In Nero, Only “Image” can be selected in order to burn. When I tried to choose “HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4240N”, the picture/option to burn becomes white and impossible to choose.

answer to question 2:
-Imation CD-RW, 1x-4x compatible, 700 MB
-Imation CD-RW, 4x-10x, compatible only with high speed drives, 650 MB

  • HP high speed 4x-12x, 700 MB
  • Maxell - CD-Rmusic , 700 MB

Are you sure both of your drives are DVD/CD-ROM (player only) and atleast one of them is CD or DVD writer?. If you you have a writer drive then try to uninstall it reboot and let the windows install again then try it.

Your Nero versions seems to not support your drive.

Either update or try with free software like cdburnerxp or burrrn.

Here is a link of some interest especially if your drives are not being recognised.

Does window install again automatically? or what step do I have to follow after unintalling and rebooting?

Thank you. Interesting article. But there’s no file to download in order to fix my problem. Any you may suggest?

Windows automatically detect your drive and assign proper driver for and install it.