Can't burn image in

I use Nero to burn images of audio CD’s because it’s the only program I know of which can accept audio plugins and therefore burn ape/flac/mpc etc. images directly without decoding them to wav first.
I used to do this with no problems up to version After I upgraded to, I can’t use the “burn image” option anymore: when I choose the cue file, I get a screen titled “Burn Compilation” with no details whatsoever and instead of a “burn” button, it has “new” and “cancel” buttons at the bottom. I have checked and this screen appears even if I try burning a bin/cue image.
Does anyone else have this problem? How do I get it to work like in previous versions?

I can use other programs for burning bin/cue images, like good old Goldenhawk CDRWin, but It has to be a bin or a wav image and not other formats.

How can I insert a screenshot of the dialog box I get to this post?

Did you read this thread?

I am using Nero 7232b with no problem anticipated so far.

Thx 4 the notice. My prob is the same as mentioned - not burning cue/bin, iso is O.K. Will they ever make a stable 7.x version?
I too am thinking of reverting to 6.6.
We’ll see how fast Ahead releases a “fix” for this bug. Let’s hope when they do, it doesn’t mess up with other functions.

Why not use Burrrn ( It’s free & would seem to do exactly what you want.

Thx. I’ll try it.

I’ve just made my first attempt at burning an audio cd with Burrrn and it went well. It seems I’m going to switch to this for my audio compilations. I still have to check for some issues such as gapless tracks and compliance with all lossless codecs I use (ape, flac, wavepack), but anyway thanks for the tip. As for data compilations, CDRWin is my choice for quality burning.
After careful examination, I have concluded that the problem lies within Nero’s cue reading functions, as it will not read cue files, whatever they index, and it WILL iso. I guess we’ll have to wait for Nero and then hope it does not lose any other function, like copy cd’s :frowning: