Cant burn!HELP!

im using a dvd burner and i cant burn cds, HELP!

Come on, we need much more than that. What software are you using, what burner, what discs, what do you mean “can’t burn”?

Can you give more informations?

What burner/firmware/media? What is the problem? Do you get an error? What error? When you get the error? During or after burning?

lol chas preceeded me :bigsmile:


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Im using a LITE-ON DVD+RW SOHW 802S drive. I couldnt burn anything before i flashed it with a firmware for SOHW 832S. Now i can only burn dvds. My drive can read everything. Im using Sonic’s Record Now. When i try to burn cds, when its almost finished, an error message appears and say that there was a problem reading the disc. I tried Memorex CD-R 48x and Maxwell CD-R. The only reason i made another theread is becz people didnt see my other posts and ignored them cz they’re far on the list. People responded in this post cz its on the top.