Cant burn from hd folder

I usually burn my backups to the hd and later i will burn a copy from hd to dvd but recently i get error code 400 and when i looked at hd file size it shows 1g , so before i tried to burn i checked the hd folder and it showed 4.37gb when i tried to burn from the folder to dvd i got the 400 error and now the folder size shows 1gb. I did a complete dvdfab removal using storm troopers directions and a fresh reinstall of 5.2.3 but it didnt work . i have 25% hd space available on my e drive where i keep my folders . Any insight to fix my problem would be greatly appreciated

To burn from a folder using DVDFab you should be using Write Data mode. If you are getting error 400 it sounds like you are re-reading the file in one of the other modes. Write Data mode requires that the file be ready to burn with no further title or stream selections to be made and no compression needed to fit on the blank media you have loaded. Not sure where you are reading the 1GB file size–DVDFab or windows?

Is Storm Trooper a new member :confused:

also I think his guides are for issues related to DVDFab products not issues that pertain to corrupted or damaged video files :bigsmile:

sorry, stormjumper
i used your guide for a clean uninstall of dvdfab. As far as the file size is concerned i opened windows explorer and that is where it showed 4.37 gb before and i gb after the error. when i opened the folder in explorer it showed multiple files but after i got the error it only had 1 file listed. dvdfab also showed the correct file size to burn prior to the error 400 4.37gb

What DVDFab mode were you using when you got the error?

i was using full movie to a d5 verbatum disk and it showed 100% 4.37gb no compression needed

You should have been using Write Data mode, try that instead. I’m still not sure why it apparently trashed your files.

You can also use Full Disc to burn the files to disc by selecting the folder(movie tilte) that contains the VIDEO_TS ans AUDIO_TS, that is the way I do it all the time.
the only time I use Write Data is when doing a .ISO image that I saved to HDD

i’m sorry but i gave you bad info , i copied the backup using mainmovie only to the hd and when i tried to copy it to a dvd i used mainmovie and at this point it trashed the files so prior to the failure i copied the folder to another location and did a full copy from the hd folder and all was sucessful…sorry for being such a newbie at this but thanks everyone for the responses

Just happy you got it all worked out :wink:

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What you did should not have trashed the files, but glad you got it going.