Can't burn FLAC album using cue file

Whenever I try loading the cue file I get the message “error in cue sheet! File does not exist in line 7”. What is this? Someone help me out please.

Just guessing but I’d say the cue was probably created from the wav’s before they were compressed to flac’s.

You can open the cue file with notepad to see if that’s the case.

If so I would just convert the flac’s to wav’s and try again. I use dbPowerAmp to convert.

Alternately you could edit the cue file. Burrrn has a built in cue editor which allows you to change the extensions and file paths.

Hi, try with this program “Burrrn 1.14” its amazing simply to use and fast and no need convert Flac Files to wav, mp3 etc.

Saludos desde México DF

Actually, burrrn decodes the flac files back to wav and then burns them…It’s done On-the Fly…It just doesn’t save the wav by default…
But thanks, and ‘Saludos’ back at you…:slight_smile: