Can't burn faster than 12X on one of my systems. What the?

on windows help there is no reference to a “write-back cache”. The only reference to cache is what I find. Sorry for mistake.

I’ll do some other search.

Hey geno888, I think what Francksoy mean is write caching as in your pics. Thanks for the article.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

:o Yes, that’s what I meant. Sorry, my mistake. Don’t forget that MY Windows is in french… sometimes I just don’t know the exact translation in english :bigsmile: - I must have confused with some other expression.

This said, is this something rather common to have to disable HD write caching for high-speed burns? I’m a little puzzled. First time I have to do this I think!

I knew this “trick” for CDR burners from the old times (1997/98…) but never had to apply it on any system until now. :confused:

well, i don’t know if this trick should work for my LG GSA-4163, as it can’t write faster than 16X… for CD’s!!! whatever the speed u choose above 16X it will go to a 16X CLV burn (though it will say 40X or 48X or whatever in the Nero window…) switched channels, added more ram (1024) changed the Power Supply… No adware or wtf in the background, and i’ve just changed the 80-Conductor IDE cables and i’m going for a test now…

hope it’ll get solved :slight_smile:

If your LG is able to write DVDR at anything above 4X, your HD can’t be the culprit for CD writing.

4X DVD-writing is around 5,5MB/s and 24X CD writing around 3,6MB/s… see what I mean?

Are you sure your media is supported at higher speeds than 16X by your LG? Is it the same issue with ALL CDR media?

yeah, i’m sure of that, it’s the same for Verbatims, Postech, princo, CMC Magnetics, and MMM&M… as i used to write on the very same LG drive on the same CD’s b4 something have happened… can’t really recognize if it was cus of a power failure that happened later or cus of my try to install the Nero 7 version and then reinstalling my reloaded 6.6…
i can’t really try now if it has been fixed after changing the IDE, as now i’m using the same cable for both CD-RW and DVD-RW drives… it has solved many problems with my litey, but now i had a virus intrusion:confused: and now scanning my system, 349355 files have been scanned… still advancing while i’m typing… and though i have many files to transfer onto CDs, but i won’t risk getting them infected for “testing purposes”:frowning:

anyway… i’ll try to check it out soon tday… i still have 5 hours to go back home… and that’s lotta time:bigsmile: