Can't burn DVDs

I have a QSI DVD±RW SDW-082K SCSI. I can read & write CDs and read DVDs but I can not write to DVDs. I have tried the fix posted by alchemy in post #65 at I uninstalled the secondary IDE Channel but I had to roll back windows a whole day because my system never detected the second when I rebooted. I have also tired to change the setting of the drive to DMA mode but I honestly can not find where to do it. I checked on the web and found out how but my system doesn’t give me the option.

I also tired to check my firmware but I can not for the life of me figure out where to do that at. :doh:

Oh and the game Axis and Alies will install but will not play. If give me an error saying something like I don’t have the original disk installed in the drive. Weired. I suspect a bad drive but I’m no expert. :disagree:

In short I have 4 questions?

  1. How do you check the firmware version currently running on a CD/DVD R/RW drive?
  2. How do you change to DMA mode on a CD/DVD R/RW drive in Window XP Professional Verson 2002 SP 2?
  3. Does any one have any advice on this bruning problem I am having?
  4. If I were to buy another notebook CD/DVD R/RW drive what would be a reliable one to get?

Thanks for any and all help that any one can provide.