Can't burn dvd's on the fly with my 812

im sure its not the problem with my burner because my 811 had the same issue. this only occurs with windows 2000, it works fine with 98.

im using nero and when i try to copy a 4.7 gb disc, it tell me that there is not enough space in my blank disc. then i need to extract the files to the hard drive and burn them like that. it used to work fine on 2000 but all of a sudden it just stopped. anyone have any ideas?

  1. Update Nero right away
  2. Make sure that your Nero cache is set to a location that has enough space for the burn you are doing.

YOUR A GENIOUS! thanks number 2 worked but i didnt think it would matter since nothing is being saved to the hard drive? thanks again!!

Nero will cache some files regardless, check your compilation settings too. You might have it set to “cache files from disc” or something like that. Remember that movies have 1GB files.

thanks, also dvd2one somtimes compresses movies and they come out to like 4.38 instead of 4.35 or 4.36gb. will using the overburn feature mess up my dvd burner?

No, but it may create a coaster, or render the disc unreadable in other drives.

Could you please explain what the cache setting in compilation setting must be?.

yeah one sec, let me run to the bath room real quick

ok open nero and click file then preferences and on the tab that sais cache, uncheck that button that sais “cache files that have been drag…” and where it asks you which drive to cache the files to, choose the one with more space (assuming you have two hard drives.) i think you need 5gb of free space to be able to burn a dvd on the fly

Problems could also come from a heavily fragmented disk, even if you have plenty of room. So always take time to unfragment your drive regularily. The most u use your drive (install/uninstall, copy, move, …) the more u have to unfragment it… Even if u use ntfs.

if you have room on your hdd, you can do a better thing…
Create a new drive (fdisk), make it great enough. Then use it only for your cache.
So you will always have room, no problem with defrag disk, …

I use it for the windows swap file…