Cant Burn Dvds(detected as unusable Cds)

I have a Gateway 7508gx notebook,
optical drive: HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GCA-4080N

I recently formated my pc, and now when i put in a blank dvd(2make backup)
windows detects it as empty cd, i try to write something trough windows folder explorer and i dont see the write button, i try to write something with nero and it just stucks @ 1% and keeps spining like mad. But i can write cds with no problem.
I have tried Sony + and -, and Fujifilm - and its all the same problem i cant write on any of them.
I can read Dvds with no problem but i cant write.
im very frustrated anyone please help. :bow:

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It could be a media issue. Try with a better quality disc like a Verbatim (NOT a “Pearl White” series).

Moreover, check if DMA is enabled.

Thanks on the fast reply but nope,
Verbatim DVD- 16x, same story. detects it as a cd and i cant write on it.
dma is enabled.

On Gateway site it is said to be TSST Toshiba Samsung Optical Drive, any clues i can get firmware?
also when i try googling it says its an LG Drive. i will write to Gateway and post whats happenign.

Here there is a very updated site with firmwares


Hmm i found out the model
TS-L532A, i downloaded the firmware upgrader and i get msg " the target drive is not found"
omfg … im waiting for Gateway support if not new dvd