Can't burn DVD Video with Nero

I am having problems burning DVD Video. I had the problem with Nero 7 and have just upgraded to Nero 8 but with the same problem. It seems to burn OK until near the end I get an Unspecified Recorder Error.

I am running XP64 bit on an HP machine, AMD x2 with 1gb memory and with an LG writer - HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GCA-4164B

I am using Philips DVD+R 4.7 DVD’s. I have attached the log to see if anyone has an idea that may help.
Firmware is latest, DMA is on etc.

Thanks in anticipation, Dave.

DMA for the hard drive is on. For the writer it’s off.

Enable it for the writer and use better media.

Thanks for that information.
What media is better than Philips please.