Cant burn DVD -R/-RW on 851

hi, just bought an LDW-851s(x) (external usb 2.0) drive

There were 2 blank DVDs in the box of which only the +R worked.
I tried the -R that came with it and multiple other ones after that and always encounter the same problem… (using nero

Nero just hangs when it tries burning (or even just simulation), stops with only “caching of files started” or if determine maximum speed is enabled, shows “caching completed” and stops at determining speed…

Ive updated to fw GSOF - no difference
tried with smartburn off - no difference
tried different media - no diff… (original i think is a RiTEK) i also tried tdk, and princo (also an akai which i think was a princo and some other one maybe AML)

any suggestions? I havent reinstalled nero - would this help?

Oh and i had similar probs with the software that came with drive (sonic)

any ideas? any help would be great, thanks

I have exactly the same problem with Nero - the only solution I found was to use the bundled software, RecordNowDX for burning -R/W media. But even this is far from ideal and fails 30-40% of the time - I’ve all but given up on -R/W media and use +R/W with Booktype -ROM setting for extra compatability.
I don’t know if this problem is drive specific or other hardware specific as many people have no problem burning -R/W with Nero - what MoBo/CPU etc do you have?

reinstalling nero didnt work…

well i had some ‘apparent’ succsess with the recordnow dx software… it actually burned the disc this time except i cant access it - “incorrect function”… (are these the usual errors?) (these are my first burnt dvds…)

im running the unit on a compaq presario notebook:
P4M 1.8Ghz
WinXP (all updates except SP1 itself - stuffs up my standby…)

There seem to be a few more relevant threads in the nero forum…

until this gets sorted i guess ill settle for +R/W and the few -R that will come out of RecordNow (BTW seems to work well with the tdk - which seems to be manufactured by Taiyo Yuden)

Damn its just that i like the features of Nero… oh well

love&peace to you all