Can't burn DVD+R or DVD+RW anymore

I can’t burn DVD+R and DVD+RW anymore with my combo drive CD still work perfectly. I tried couple of media… Maxell and Memorex so to speak but I couldn’t succeed… Could you please help me… Attached is the log file of nero… Thanks in advance

Have you tried the drive in another computer? Also what wattage is your PSU. Update your Nero the latest of version.

A “combo” drive never ever can burn any DVD media!

Its a 2.4x DVD+R / +RW GCA 4040N drive but is rated very very poorly at

There are a few firmware updates mentioned on that site and one makes the drive support writing to -R/-RW media BUT I would think that either the drive is to old to support new media OR the DVD laser has died, does the drive read pressed DVD’s at all?

You could update Nero, but it probably would give not much.
Cleaning the drive/lens is the next option and last but not least, try with other media…