Can't burn DVD+r - Burner is RW DVD+r DL

Hi, Hope someone can help cuz I’m stumped.

Recently took delivery of 25 Verbatim +r DVD’s, and haven’t been able to burn a single one of them, although have burnt DVD’s before using this kit. Lets start at the beginning with my hardware…

OS: Windows 7 64
Mobo: M4N75TD
PSU: 850w
DVD: (no manufacturers name on it - but says on front panel Lightscribe DVD Multi recorder RW DVD+R DL COMPACT DISC REWRITABLE Ultraspeed

I’ve copied (what I think to be) the relevant info from Nero Info Tool which I’ve pasted below…

Nero InfoTool

Drive Information

Type : DVD±R/RW DL Recorder
Firmware Version : YY11
Buffer Size : 2 MB
Date : 2008-03-27
Serial Number : n/a
Vendor Specific : 2008/03/27 19:05
Drive Letter : F:
Location : 0:0
Mechanism : Tray
Read Speed : 12 X
Write Speed : 2.0 X

Read CD Text : Yes
Return C2 Pointers : Yes
Read CD-R : Yes
Read CD-RW : Yes
Read DVD-ROM : Yes
Read DVD-RAM : Yes
Read DVD-R : Yes
Read DVD-RW : Yes
Read DVD-R DL : Yes
Read DVD+R : Yes
Read DVD+RW : Yes
Read DVD+R DL : Yes
Read BD-ROM : No
Read BD-R : No
Read BD-RE : No
Read HD DVD-ROM : No
Read HD DVD-R : No
Read HD DVD-R DL : No
Read HD DVD-RAM : No
Read HD DVD-RW : No
Read HD DVD-RW DL : No
Read HD-BURN : No
Read Digital Audio : Yes
Read CD+G : Yes
Read VideoCD : Yes

Write CD-R : Yes
Write CD-RW : Yes
Write DVD-R : Yes
Write DVD-RW : Yes
Write DVD-R DL : Yes
Write DVD+R : Yes
Write DVD+RW : Yes
Write DVD+R DL : Yes
Write DVD-RAM : No
Write DVD-RAM : Yes
Write BD-R : No
Write BD-RE : No
Write HD DVD-R : No
Write HD DVD-R DL : No
Write HD DVD-RAM : No
Write HD DVD-RW : No
Write HD DVD-RW DL : No
Write HD-BURN-R : No
Write HD-BURN-RW : No
Buffer Underrun Protection : Yes
Mount Rainier : No
SolidBurn : No
Labelflash : No
LightScribe : No

Region Protection Control : RPC II
Region : 2
Changes User : 3
Changes Vendor : 4

CSS : Yes
CPRM : Yes

Disc Information (F:)

Type : No disc inserted

I’ve just been looking at some of the older DVD’s I’ve burnt and the most recent was a DVD-R, which burnt fine.

When I attempt to burn using Imgburn I get the message ‘Disk Not Empty’, this is whether I try to burn an image or a single file. This has happened multiple times with various new DVD’s.

When I click on the DVD drive after putting in a blank new DVD, I only get the option to set it up like a USB Flash Drive, and the option to set up like a CD/DVD Player (Mastered) is greyed out.

I’ve also booted into Ubuntu, and still unable to burn one of these DVD’s, cuz I initially thought it was a windows problem.

Any feedback or idea’s would be appreciated. If I’ve omitted any required info - just ask & I’ll do my best to supply it.

Sorry for long post - can be a real pain having to read through too much unecessary stuff.

Many thanks

No advice - not even bin the piece of shit burner & go buy another one?

The drive show to be F: usually it would be D: if it is the only drive in your computer.
It shows region 2 .Is that correct ?

Have you tried a bootable disc in it ?
That is one of the best ways to see if a drive is at least reading.

The other drives (partitions) are hard disks (C:, D: & E:), and I can boot fine from the DVD drive from a previously burnt windows install dvd. Just baffles me why I can’t do anything with this new pack of (supposedly quality) DVD’s that were (going by the letters on the front of the DVD) made for my drive. Region 2 is UK or Europe I think - so its set correct.

…oh and one other thing, I tested the ‘Lightscribe’ option and burnt an image on the back of one of the DVD’s - came out fine. In answer to previous question - I’m based in the UK.

I’ve never had any but there are fake Verbatims .
Do you have access to another computer you might try one of the new discs in ?
To see if the ‘Disk Not Empty’ comes up.
Other than that do you have any other blank DVDs you might test your drive with.
There are some firmware flashes for some lighton drives by codeking on this forum. But I hesitate to recommend that until you have some other media than the new Verbatims to try.

Just started burning an old -RW dvd with a short film, appears to be burning it, and also windows gave me the option to use it like a CD/DVD (option which was greyed out on new Verbatim DVD’s). So burner appears to work - just not for the new discs.

By the way, I bought the discs off ebay, about £10 for pack of 25. Not sure if thats cheap or not - as rarely buy or use them.

Edited to say: Burn failed - images didn’t match. But still managed to get much further than with the Verbatim DVD’s. Now formatting the disc to try again. but I think it sorta proves the drive works. Maybe? lol

Edited again to say: I’ll try burning a file using the Windows burner next.

Don’t have another working DVD drive in the house, missus been nagging me to get hers working - but never got around to it. I may look at flashing it - if there’s a chance it could do some good. If it screws up the drive, its a disposable world and they’re cheap as chips nowadays - so no major harm done.

By the way - it just formatted the disc no probs. Will now attempt to burn something via windows burner.

I’m in the US so I don’t know if that is good. Seems about full price . Guessing a bit on that.

My thinking is it is the discs . Since you got them from ebay maybe someone got rid of their failed discs.

From the NeroInfoTool I think you already have this firmware but here’s the link:

Certainly seemed a reputable ebay seller, 1,165,053 positive feedback, 99.5% positive.

Its a CD-RW I’m currently using without any major problems. I’d hate to go back to the ebay seller and moan especially if its something I’m doing stupid (not unknown for that to happen).

That burn failed, but I think its a very dated & quite crappy CD, so not overly surprised. But both Windows & Imgburn had a go - unlike with the Verbatims.

I’ll check out flashing it - see how that goes. Only thing hurt if it goes wrong is the environment!

Edited to say: Just flashed it, no change in either Windows explorer which still only shows the option to use it like a USB flash drive, which if I select it tells me the disc is write protected - cuz its only a +R DVd. The CD/DVD option (mastered) still greyed out. Imageburn still shows ‘Disc not empty’. Ah well, thanks for taking the time - its much appreciated. I’m kinda gonna think that it isn’t that I’m just too stupid - but that just maybe the DVD’s are junk.

My lite on finally failed after many burns . I don’t have a lite on right now but the one I had lasted quite a while.
Like you said new drives are reasonable. Never hurts to have a spare.
If you get a new one & it fails to burn these discs it’s a pretty good bet it’s the discs.
Not sure I got it strait. Did you test with a DVD -RW or a CD -RW.
You might see if ImgBurn can erase the DVD -RW.
Then try to burn a DVD folder with AUDIO_TS (empty) & Video_TS folder with .ifo , .bup , & .Vob files. Use ImgBurn build mode.

I was using a CD +RW earlier, but I’ve tracked down a blank DVD-R which I’m giving a go. I’m trying the ‘Build Image’ option and added a couple of films, although I don’t generally do much DVD copying and haven’t really got a clue what its doing. but if it succeeds it probably means the drive is good.

Burn failed - following errors.

I 07:16:27 Verifying Session 1 of 1… (1 Track, LBA: 0 - 820335)
I 07:16:27 Verifying Track 1 of 1… (MODE1/2048, LBA: 0 - 820335)
W 07:18:13 Failed to Read Sectors 129088 - 129119 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error
W 07:18:23 Failed to Read Sector 129088 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error
W 07:18:23 Sector 129088 maps to File: \127.Hours.2010.DVDSCR.AC3.XViD-T0XiC-iNK.avi
W 07:18:34 Retrying (1)…
I 07:18:36 Verifying Sectors…

But the DVD I’m trying is very old and probably knackered. Just for it to attempt to burn is a success. Maybe I’ll email the ebayer, see if they’ve had any other problems with these DVD’s. Thanks again for the advice & assistance.

I don’t start ImgBurn in the ez-mode picker . Probably because I started using it before that was added. I usually have it set to start in Build mode.

If it’s even attempting a burn that’s a good sign.
Drives use different lasers for the CD burns than the DVD burns.
That is why many times a CD can be burned when a DVD can’t.
Or vice versa.