Can't burn DVD off hard drive to DVD with NERO



Using Nero 6 that came with my Sony DVD RW DRU 820A.

I have an old DVD on an external HDD that i am trying to burn to dvd+r.

There is no possible combination so far that has allowed me to copy the files to the NERO program windows to even allow me to try to burn them to disc. Ive gone through every Copy/BackUp option in the Smart Start menu with no luck.

The video_ts and audio_ts files lie in a folder where i extracted them to from a .zip file.

The closest I ever got was trying to drag the video_ts file onto the Backup screen and i got a Bad DVD identifier error.Otherwise the program kicks out of the Backup screen and
returns to the SmartStart menu.

Am I missing something? DVD Shrink or something?


You won’t need to use DVD-Shrink unless the original DVD was greater than 4.7 GB.

Just start up Nero and select the DVD-Video template. Then drag the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder on your external drive into the VIDEO_TS folder which Nero provides, and use the burn button.


Couldnt figure out how to do what you were talking about. But I had already tried dragging and dropping for an hour in various templates and it never worked

I got it to work by Copy and Backup\Burn image to Disc\Video files\selecting the folder.


Nero Burning Rom Tutorial

:cool: :cool:


I think the problem was that I’m using a program that looks nothing like what you guys are describing. Nero 6. I kinda wish it were that Nero ROM cause it looks so easy.


Nero is Nero Burning ROM.